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Baby Wipes
October 19, 2008, 11:35 pm
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You may wonder what’s in commercial baby wipes and if they can irritate your infant’s sensitive skin. Personally, I find that the baby wipes I get from the shop aggravate (if not cause) nappie rash.

I found that by using homemade wipes (essential oil mix), nappie rash was no longer a problem. You can use something like paper towels if you just want to control what’s on the wipe and for budget reasons, or if you are feeling environmentally friendly you could cut up some of those old fashioned flannel nappies, PJs or sheets. Probably a good idea to hem them on the sewing machine or overlocker as they will fray. When it comes to washing, I treat them like my cloth nappies- no soaking or stain remover, just straight into the wash!

When you use homemade baby wipes recipes you can either make your wipes solution in a  spray bottle or put it right in the wipes container (Hold on to your old Huggies wipes dispenser!).

Essential Oils Recipe

  • 2 Drops Tea Tree Oil or Eucalyptus Oil (both are natural antibactirials)
  • 2 Drops Lavender Oil (Please be sure to use only pure essential oils – don’t use synthetic oils.)
  • 2 Tbsp Olive Oil
  • 2 Cups Water (boiled then cooled)

Mix well in a spray bottle or your wipes box. Spritz on wipe before using if in spray bottle. Swish solution around over wipes if using a wipes container. Squeeze out excess before you put them at the change table or you can squeeze out excess each time you use one!

You might also like to add 2 drops of chamomile oil and/or the contents of a Vitamin E oil capsule to this mix.

Aloe Vera Recipe

  • 1/4 Cup Aloe Vera Gel
  • 2 Drops Tea Tree Oil or Eucalyptus Oil
  • 2 Cups boiled water (still hot)

Stir or shake until this recipe is well mixed. Don’t use until the mixture cools. Spritz on wipe before using if in spray bottle. Swish solution around over wipes if using a wipes box.


Wool Octopus
October 19, 2008, 11:16 pm
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There are so many thing you can do with wool other than knit or crochet………..


  1. Wind the wool around the length of a book (size of book will make octopus larger or smaller) until you have a nice wad of wrapped wool. Cut this off from the ball of wool.
  2. Carefully take off your wound wool from the book. Using a short piece of wool, tie round the wound wool, about  4-5 inches (8 – 10 cm) down. Make sure the knot is secure.
  3. Cut through the large loop. This is going to make the legs.
  4. Turn your octopus upside down and sit it’s head between your legs. Divide the cut wool into eight even ‘legs’ and plait each in turn, using small pieces of wool to tie off each leg, then trim.
  5. Your octopus is almost complete – using  felt, cut out some eyes and a mouth, and glue on.


Roughly divide in half the pieces below the head.  Put the arms braid through the middle of the pieces.  Use a piece of wool to tie the pieces tightly under the arm braid to make a waist.
Divide the loose pieces in half to make two legs.  Tie each half tightly near the bottom to make puffy pants.  Or braid each leg and then tie off.

Sock Monkey!
October 19, 2008, 1:52 am
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No, it is not a strange pet name for my little darling, it is in fact a retro homemade stuffed toy! All you need is a pair of socks and the will to sew!


Turn the socks inside out.
Sew a seam (A) 1/2 inch on both sides of the center of sock starting three inches from the white heel and across the end of the top.  Cut the sock between the seams and to within 1-1/2 inches of white heel.  This leaves an opening in the crotch.

Then turn the sock so the seams are on the inside and use the crotch opening to stuff the head, body and legs.

Cut the upper part of the sock into two pieces.  Seam, rounding the ends and stuff the arms.

Cut the heel from the sock, leaving a brown edge around the white.  Fasten on lower part of the face, whip-stitching around the bottom; stuff and finish sewing around the top.  The mouth can be improved by a running stitch of either black or white across the middle of the lips.

Cut a one inch strip, taper to end of cuff on length of front of sock.  Seam and stuff.

Cut the ears from the remaining brown part of the sole of the sock.

Sew on moving eyes, buttons, felt, or embroider with black thread.  (For very small children embroider the eyes.)

CAP: (Optional)
Cut off toe of another sock, leaving 1/2 inch of brown to roll for a brim.  Sometimes a fez is used for a cap.